Reconsidering Infant Adoption: Questions to Provoke Thoughtful Reflection

Why argue for family preservation when talking about Immigrant children at the border, but argue against family preservation when it comes to adoption and doing what’s best for the child?

Almost every single child that goes through the foster care system, an orphanage or adoption, will have faced trauma and adversity. No matter how young they are when they expereince this, they are not untraumatized, “clean slates”.

As suggested in this article, many people are too quick to say that adoption is a perfect thing for helping orphans and childless infertile parents. But people are not thinking critically enough to realize that these children are not blank slates you can raise on your own, but they have trauma and possibly behavioral complications, and they may also be able/wanting to return to the bio parents depending on the situation and (lack of) resources.

Social Media posts explaining the discrepancies of adoption

I’ve noticed that many people only see the positivity and magic that comes with adoption; but for the sake of the children whose lives have been forever altered, I think it’s imperative we all take the time to reflect on the painful, traumatic side of adoption too.

Let’s take care of our most vulnerable children, and give them the power to heal and live in the situation best suited for their needs.

She/her. Aspiring activist. Feminist. Circus performer. Cat lover. Neurodivergent. Very depressed. Very existential.

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